WWII Timeline


Frontier Battles

June 22nd, 1941 - August 7th, 1941

The Frontier Battles were the original steps the Germans took onto Russian soil. This attack stunned the Soviet people because not even 2 years ago the Germans and Russians signed a pact to stay neutral to each other in the war.

Germans take the city of Minsk

June 29th, 1941

Minsk was one of the first cities to fall to the German forces during operation Barbarossa and was a key asset to the Germans taking Russia.

Battle of Kiev

July 7th, 1941 - September 26th, 1941

The battle was a major loss for the Soviets. It ended with the capturing of 665,000 soviet prisoners for the Nazi forces.

Germans cross the river Dniepr

July 10th, 1941

Crossed this river while heading towards Smolensk which was a key city to occupy in order to take Russia.

Battle of Smolensk

July 10th, 1941 - September 10th, 1941

This was a major battle happening during Operation Barbarossa, aka the German Invasion of Russia. This battle followed the Russian defeats in the frontier battles

Seige of Leningrad

September 8th, 1941 - January 27th, 1944

Leningrad ,also known as Saint Petersburg, was one of the 3 major points to take for the Nazis during operation Barbarossa. Leningrad overall was under siege for 872 days and more 1.4 million people were evacuated from the city with an estimate of 1.5 million people during this time.

Operation typhoon

October 2nd, 1941

Operation Typhoon took place after two victories for the Germans in the Frontier battles and at the Battle of Smolensk. It started off well for the Germans looking to be a third straight major victory. The Soviets even surrounded would not give up and were able to fight their way out of it.

Battle of Moscow

October 2nd, 1941 - January 7th, 1942

Soviet Counteroffensive

December 5th, 1941 - January 7th, 1942

After many loses the Germans felt that they could just walk into Russia and take it. But for this Russia had an ace up the sleeve, an intelligence spy named Richard Sorge which found out that japan would not be attacking Russia so Russian troops were moved to better defend against the German forces

Battle of Kursk

July 12th, 1943

This was a controversial battle in Operation Barbarossa. The Russians after loosing many battles and cities to German occupation, managed to turn the tides of the invasion.