Invasion of the Soviet Union


Operation Barbarossa Authorized

18 December 1940

Hitler authorizes the plan and sets the beginning date as May 15, 1941. However, it didn't begin until June 22, 1941.

Operation Barbarossa

June 22, 1941 - December 5, 1941

Operation Barbarossa was launched by Hitler in violation of the existing non-aggression treaty with Stalin.

Brest Litovsk Falls

June 26, 1941

Brest Litovsk falls after a 4 day siege and Army Group North enters Daugavpils

Leningrad Attacked

August 1941

The Germans attacked Leningrad and this period of time was known as the "black months"

Soviets Fall in Smolensk

August 5 1941

300,000 Soviet prisoners, 3,200 tanks, and 3,100 artillery guns are captured by the Germans

Operation Typhoon

September 26, 1941

The German offensive for the capture of Moscow is ordered.

Siege in Moscow

October 19 1941

Stalin proclaims a state of siege in Moscow.

Moscow Retreat

December 5 1941

Hitler agrees to abandon the Moscow offensive for the winter. Army Group Centre begins to retreat to safer defensive positions.

Battle Ends

December 5, 1941

Germans lost the Battle for Moscow, and the invasion had cost the German army over 830,000 casualties in killed, wounded, captured or MIA

Death on Christmas

December 25 1941

3700 Leningraders starve to death on Christmas Day, bringing the total for the month to 52,000 and the Supreme Soviet institutes a medal for the defence of Leningrad.