Events in our History


Ancient Greek Democracy

Approx. 507 BC - Approx. 307 BC

A rule by the people style of government that consisted of 3 institutions : The Ekklesia, Boule, and Diskasteria.

Magna Carta


A document signed by King john after negotiations with the French and Scots at Runnymede in England.


Approx. 1300 - Approx. 1500

A rebirth in faith and learning after the Medieval Period.

Haudenosaunee Confederacy

Approx. 1400 - 1776

Also known as the Iroquois League before the Tuscarora tribe joined in 1722.


1517 - 1648

Corruption of the Catholic Church caused a reformation of the Protestant faith.

The Enlightenment

1700 - 1800

A time of scientific revolution where great philosophers created ideologies that would shape government then and today.

Industrial Revolution

Approx. 1700 - Approx. 1800

A time where things were widely produced in factories and machines were built to do both create and replace jobs.

American Revolution

1776 - 1783

A great war fought by Great Britain and the 13 British colonies. George Washington's Continental Army defeated the British Empire.

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

The revolution of the lower class French citizens. It ended with the execution of King Louis XVI.

Changes to class system

Approx. 1800 - Approx. 1900

A time of woman rights and establishment of human rights not just rights of man.