Evolution of the iPhone

Evolution of the iPhone

iPhone 2G

June 2007

Its capacitive touchscreen laid the foundation for more modern smartphones and the use of fingers - not a stylus pen - to navigate was something revolutionary at the time.
Versions: 4GB / 8GB - 16GB

iPhone 3G

July 2008

The second version of the device came with 3G connectivity, GPS and the App Store, giving us the ability to install applications developed by third parties - here a new revolution has started, this time in the software development industry.
Versions: 8GB / 16GB

iPhone 3GS

June 2009

The iPhone 3GS has the same plastic back, but the "S" of its name is speed, because the processor speed jumped from 412 MHz of the previous model to 600 MHz, and the RAM, which was 128 MB, doubled To 256 MB.
Versions: 16GB / 32GB - 8GB.

iPhone 4

June 2010

The first major redesign of the handset was the iPhone 4, which featured a combination of stainless steel and glass. Some highlights of this model were: the arrival of a front camera enabling FaceTime video calls, a retina display 960 x 480 pixels, with a density of 326 pixels per inch, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, making it possible to make videos with HD resolution (720p). It also brought a brand new chip (A4 processor, 1 GHz frequency, with 512 MB of RAM). Its battery is a bit better than other iPhones.
Versions: 16GB / 32GB.

iPhone 4S

October 2011

With a design almost identical to the previous model, it brought like innovations a camera of greater resolution (8.0 megapixels and recording of Full HD 1080p video), a processor with two cores and a function of assistant of voice, call Siri, that is the meaning Of the "S" in the name of that version.

iPhone 5

September 2012

It was on the iPhone 5 the second major redesign in the design of the device, now finished in aluminum, larger screen (this time with 4 inches) it arrived thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S, in addition to the new lightning connector (with only ten Pins rather than 30 of the previous model) and the redesigned earphone, the so-called EarPod.

iPhone 5C

September 2013

With the internal components identical to the iPhone 5 it came in five models with the rear made in polycarbonate in the colors green, blue, white, yellow and pink, which made the device a little cheaper. With the introduction of the iPhone 5C hears the cancellation of production of the iPhone 5, as the new apple smartphone came with the intention of replacing the previous model, something that did not leave the owners of the iPhone 5 very happy not.

iPhone 5s

September 2013

He arrived with an elegant variation of colors, now having the following options: gold (the great novelty), space gray and silver. Its great differential was due to the Touch ID function, in addition to being the first smartphone on the market to use the 64-bit processor architecture.

iPhone 6

September 2014

With more rounded lines, the model is even thinner and lighter than the previous one. At hand, the 4.7-inch screen fits perfectly. Not to mention Retina HD, which offers better picture quality in your photos, videos and, of course, apps and games.
The processor is another highlight of this iPhone.

iPhone 6 Plus

September 2014

IPhone 6 Plus, practically a phablet, with 5.5 inches. They have Retina Display and now feature a more curved body, a few thinner millimeters and a few grams lighter.It is a size larger than the iPhone 6.

iPhone SE

March 2016

The iPhone SE is the improved version of a design that was already incredible. Made of blasted aluminum for a satin finish, it is so light and small that fits perfectly in your hand. The 4-inch Retina 1 screen makes everything brighter and clearer. And the bevelled edges opaque, combined with the stainless steel logo in the same color as the phone, give the finishing touch.

iPhone 7

September 2016

Available in glossy black, matte black, silver, gold and pink gold. The iPhone 7 is water, splash and dust resistant and comes with a new 12MP camera, A10 Fusion chip, new color Retina HD display, stereo speakers and iOS 10.

iPhone 7 Plus

September 2016

Available in glossy black, matte black, silver, gold and pink gold. The iPhone 7 Plus is water, splash and dust resistant and comes with new 12MP cameras with wide-angle and telephoto lenses, A10 Fusion chip, new color Retina HD display, stereo speakers and iOS 10.

Evolution of the iPhone