Significant Events Timeline


Ruchel Dwajra Zylska (Ruth McBride) was born in Poland.


The Shilsky Family moves into Suffolk, Virginia. The father opens a grocery store near the edge of the town because he was tired of the family moving constantly for work.


Ruth McBride attends her high school graduation in Suffolk, Virginia, but is unable to follow through because part of it takes place in a Protestant Church. She leaves town for good the next day.


Ruth McBride marries Dennis McBride in Harlem, New York.


Dennis McBride passes away in St. Peter's Hospital from lung cancer. James McBride is born.


Hunter Jordan dies of a stroke relapse. James McBride essentially drops out of high school and engages with drugs and alcohol.


The McBride Family decides to move to Delaware due to their poverty. James McBride gets accepted to, and attends, Oberlin College after graduating high school.

Approx. 1974 - 1975

The 40th anniversary gala of the New Brown Memorial Baptist Church, a church which Ruth McBride co-founded. Sixty parishioners gathered and Ruth McBride gave a speech in her old age.