World War One and Canada's Involvement


Franz Ferdinand Assassinated

June 28, 1914

Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Bosnia.

Britain declared war

August 4 1914

Britain declared war on the Germans. The Canadians are automatically involved because Canada was a colony of Britain.

Canada opens Internment Camps in Calgary

August 18, 1914

Canada opens an internment camp for those (i.e. Germans, Austro-Hungarians, Bulgarians or Turkish people) who Canadians believed were giving information to the enemy countries where they originated from. They lived in prison-like places and had many of their rights taken away.

Canada sends its first troops to France

October 3, 1914

Canada sent over 31000 troops to the war.

Princess Patricia's Light Infantry join the battle

January 6, 1915

They are sent to France

1st Canadian Division arrives

January 15, 1915

The 1st Canadian Division arrives in France from England and then moves to Belgium.

2nd Battle of Ypres

April 22, 1915 - May 25, 1915

German soldiers released poison gas. Many soldiers breathed in the gas had their lungs burned and then drowned to death on the inside.

Battle of Festubert

May 15, 1915 - May 25, 1915

Canadians were involved in the Battle of Festubert in Festubert, France

Canada won their first Aerial battle

December 19, 1915

Captain M.M. Bell-Irving won the first aerial battle by a Canadian when he shot down a German aircraft

Anti-German riot in Calgary

February 16, 1916

Mobs destroyed many German-owned businesses in Calgary, Alberta. Also, that day Calgary fired all of the German employees working in the city.

Battle of Verdun

February 21, 1916 - December 18, 1916

Battle of St. Eloi

April 3, 1916

Troops from the 2nd Canadian division took part in this battle.

Battle of Mont Sorrel

June 2, 1916

The Germans took Mont Sorrel from the Canadian troops.

Battle of Somme

July 1, 1916 - November 18, 1916

Canadians take over Courcelette

September 15, 1916

The 22nd battalion from Quebec, the 25th battalion from Nova Scotia and the 26th battalion from New Brunswick take over Courcelette and over 1000 prisoners.

Canadians captured German Defences in Somme Campaign

November 11, 1916

Vimy Ridge

April 9 1917 - April 12 1917

Canadians captured Vimy Ridge 3578 soldiers were killed and nearly 7000 were injured during this battle.

Battle of Passchendaele

July 31, 1917 - November 10, 1917

Canada didn't join in the battle until October

Battle of Amiens

August 8, 1918

Canadian soldiers advance through German defences

Canadians take over Cambari, France.

October 9, 1918

Germans make a truce with the rest if the world

November 11, 1918

628 562 Canadians served in the world war and 60 661 were killed.