The Real First People in America

38000 bc

Jamie-The first people came from Asia by a land bridge during the Last Ice age.

When America was discovered


Jamie-Christopher Columbus and his crew landed on a land and that was when America was discovered.Also he was an Italian explorer.

first english colony found at Jamestown


By Samuel. They try to escape England



Jamie-The Pilgrims escaped England as they could not practise their own religions and so they went on the Mayflower and ended in the New World which is what the Pilgrims called it but now it is The United States Of America.



Jamie-The Pilgrims wanted to have a feast and give thanks to everything they were grateful for,including Squanto.

The American Revolution

1765 - 1783

Danielle-This is when American Forces defeat Britain and The United States of America is born.

Boston Tea Party


Jamie-The king of England taxed the Pilgrims even when they were in a land so very far away.So the Pilgrims decided to throw the tea away which caused an event called the Boston Tea Party.

Declaration of Independence


Jamie-This was the day when the USA signed the Declaration of Independence.

fourth of July

4th of july 1776

the Declaration of Independence

George Washington

1789 - 1797

Samuel. He was the first U.S President that was elected by the citizens.

Abraham Lincoln

1861 - 1865

When Abraham Lincoln was president of the US he got rid of slaves by:Luke

Abraham Lincon had a war about Salvery

1863 - 1865

Samuel. Slavery stopped using a war about North and South U.S.

labor day

September 5, 1882

a public holiday or day of festivities held in honour of working people, in many countries on 1 May, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September.

The first man on the moon

July 20 1969

Danielle- Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, he brang to people along with him. A lot of people think that the landing was fake but it is real. They came back on the 24 July 1969.