The Black Mis of Maralinga


Cold War

1947 - 1991

The Cold War led to the British not wanting to be left behind in the nuclear "race"

Australian Government approval sought to use Monte Bello Island for tests

March 1951


Oct. 1952

First UK Test on 3 October

Maralinga became a permanent site for testing



1956 - 1963

Maralinga was an area in South Australia where they conducted a series of nuclear tests

Maralinga closes for clean up


Royal Commission

1984 - 1985

Australian Government established a Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia

Royal Commission Report

Nov. 1985

Study of options and costs of decontamination and rehabilitation of Emu and Maralinga

Rehabilitation work

1993 - 2001

$13.5 million given to Tjarutja in compensation


Land given back to the Tjarutja