EPQ Timeline


Started the project

28 June 2016

In this first lesson I was introduced to the two options for the project: dissertation or artefact. Then I was shown a presentation on what to do for each of them and I began my initial ideas on what I'd want to do mine one.

Decided to focus on Victorian Crime

5 July 2016

After creating my mind map I decided that the area i wanted to do my EPQ on was crime during the Victorian times.

Completed Project Proposal form

12 July 2016

This verified my title, aims and outcome.

Decided initial title

12 July 2016

I decided on the initial question for my EPQ: Were crime rates in Victorian Britain as high as portrayed in modern media and why were such horrific crimes committed?

Started initial research

17 July 2016

I started to look for sources that contained statistics and information to help me answer the question.

Summarised what information I had collected over the Summer

30 August 2016

Learnt the CRAAP method and began initial source evaluations

20 September 2016

Finished initial research on Victorian Crime rates

September 20, 2016

At this point I'd collected 18 sources all about Victorian Crime rates and the punishments with them but hadn't evaluated how valuable and reliable each source is.

Completed initial skills audit

27 September 2016

This source contained incredibly useful information as it held the statistics of trials and convictions during the Victorian Era.

Title change

October 4, 2016

Having decided to look at a second time period I also modified the question to fit this change. I changed the question to: How do crime rates in Modern Britain compare to Victorian Britain and why have the rates change?

Decision to look at second era

October 4, 2016

During this week | decided the best way to comment on Victorian crime rates was by comparing it to a second time period.

Began research on crime statistics in the modern era

October 11, 2016

I started to look for sources that would help me compare crime during the modern era to crimes in the Victorian time period.

Finished initial source evaluations

18 October 2016

Made one final question change

18 October 2016

I felt like just focusing on crime rates wasn't a very good idea as not only was it difficult to find reliable statistics but it was a question that could be explored much. I could just right in the VE the murder rate was 1 in 1000 people whilst in ME it was 1 in 10000. So I made the final question change to: How does crime and punishment in Modern Britain compare to Victorian Britain and why has it changed?

Created first dissertation plan

25 October 2016

Completed mid-project review

8 November 2016

Finished first draft

6 December 2016

Got first draft feedback

13 December 2016

Completed second draft

27 December 2016

Started presentation preparation

17 January 2017

Presentation rehearsal

6 February 2017

Gave presentation

7 February 2017

Completed evaluation

21 February 2017

Finished any remaining documents

28 February 2017