The Burden of Black Women


Introduction to EPQ

july 2016

Start to think on topics I am interested in and how I can present them. What areas do I want to study? How will I manage my time wisely?

July Deadline

13th July 2016

Meant to complete PPR project proposal, discuss original ideas and have general ideas of title. I did not meet this deadline as I was chronically ill during college time and miss out on a lot of work. Will catch up, have already thought about topics so I will have topic title done soon. This shows me that in order to complete my EPQ in time, I must manage my time more wisely and aim to meet all other deadlines.

Thinking about Topics and Questions

20 July 2016

Interested in Psychology and the behaviors of individuals with psychopathy and mental illness. Thinking about Child Killers or Serial Killers for my title but unsure will research this.

Mindmaps and topic ideas

1 August 2016

Creating mindmaps from child psychopathy and killers. Also serials killers.

Chosen Title; Why do children kill?

20th August 2016

Want to focus on the behaviours on these children and why they could have ended up this way. inadequate socialization, abuse or born evil??

Skills Audit

5th September 2016

What skills do I possess to complete this EPQ? What skills will I need? How will I manage and/or learn these skills.

Spoken to Supervisor to ask about my ideas

10th September 2016

Jade Bascombe my supervisor and psychology teacher suggests that stay away from the causes of child psychopathy and the behaviors they portray as she is worried that it will involve to much of the current Psychopathology specification and Sociology in Families and Crime and Deviance. Will re-think my question or topic


17th September 2016

Began filling in my PPR, to record my progress throughout the project.

Change of Topic

30th September 2016

Have to re-think my topic completely as what I want to include in my dissertation involves some aspects of the specification on the college curriculum.

Mindmapping other topic ideas

30th September 2016

Want to research into ethnicity and how ethnic minorities are portrayed in the media, books or stereotypes.

Start Diary for EPQ

30th September 2016

I started this very late as I was already completing my timetable and didn't have time to do my diary, PPR and timeline, I will include all past movements and analysis.

The Burden of Black Women

1 October 2016 - Present

Watched Jesse Williams' speech at the BET's about black women and burden they carry and the injustice in America with black people (including other ethnic minorities). This inspired me to do my EPQ on how black women and bi-racial women are represented and view in society. As a mixed-race teenage girl with half my family of Jamaican descent, I believe this topic will teach me a lot about my mother's culture and the difficulties they face. I will also be able to contribute my own experiences with racism and stereotyping in the 21st Century.

Secondary Research into Stereotypes of Black & mixed women

October 2016 - Present

I will look at online articles, books and videos to gather my secondary research on black women. I will also gather alternative research from opposite perspectives.

Learnt to Reference for Dissertation

15th October 2016

I did this using RefME which my college has access to.

Plan my Primary Research

20th October 2016

Planning on doing questionnaires and interviews, not self-reports as people likely to be less sharing of their opinion as they cant bothered to write down everything, but with interviews and questionnaires I can ask them personally.

November deadline - Mid-point Review

11th November 2016

Mid-point review is due, I am not currently up to date with PPR and diary material. I have planned my dissertation and have composed my primary research. I must spend time getting up to date.

Almost completed Bibiiography

12th November 2016

I have been using RefMe to consistently add to my bibliography. I have referenced videos, online articles and books