VIVA Radio Production (by Show)


Pitching guest/topics (Booker, EP, SP, Ps)

09/03/2012 1 pm - 12/31/2012

First we select our content - How?
 Scour numerous sources including social media to keep up with current events that relate to AARP priorities
 Follow media and MME calendar priorities: capture in show interviews as well as our two 60 second segments which offer multiple opportunities to cover my money, health, personal time and home and family.
 Attend Matrix meetings and work closely with MBC editorial team to share strategic priorities and plan content accordingly – many topics/guests work and are shared with .org/espanol and vice versa.
 Review Bulletin, ATM and MBC line-ups and capitalize on existing content to tie directly back to content on .org/espanol.
 Follow trends in the Hispanic industry, news events, latest reports and cultural events.

Review /Discuss (EP, SP)

09/03/2012 2 pm - 12/31/2012

Assigning (EP, SP)

09/03/2012 3pm - 12/31/2012

A producer is assigned a story and can generally turn it around a day – 2 days later for the studio recording. In general if the assignment is Tuesday morning, they can produce by Wednesday afternoon show, and so-on.

We have 2 rotating producers that are working on average on 2 shows a week and a supervising producer who also produces a show a week in addition to being in charge of the daily coordination of all elements and show production

Coordination (EP, SP AP)

09/03/2012 4 pm - 12/31/2012

EP conducts a weekly staff meeting to review upcoming content, pitch and review pitches and discuss story ideas. As we are working on shows for the week, we are continuously looking for new guests and content for the week(s) ahead and review/discuss to make sure they meet our portfolio priorities. This is the main job of the EP and SP. The EP represents the Spanish TV/radio division at meetings across the association and brings portfolio priorities, campaigns, and content to incorporate into our show. Story ideas come from inside and outside the building.

The supervising producer also corresponds with the “contributor of the day” to confirm their published column and prepare their segment interview with the producer

VIVA XM 206 Interview with Emilio Sanchez

CEO of Voxxi

Show assigned to producer (P2)


Research (P2)

09/05/2012 - 09/07/2012

Pre-interview (P2)


Script writing (P2)

09/07/2012 - 09/10/2012

Pre-production (P2, ENG, SP, AP)

09/10/2012 11 am

Recording (P2, ENG)

09/10/2012 3 pm

Post-production, content editing (P2, ENG)

09/10/2012 4 pm

Post-production, mastering and distribution (ENG)

09/10/2012 5 pm

Promotion of the show on social media (EP, SP, AP)

09/11/2012 1 pm

Airing on SiriusXm (ENG)

09/11/2012 1 pm

Published on AARP En Español (ENG, AP)

09/11/2012 2 pm

VIVA XM 207 Interview with Dolores Huerta

Show assigned to producer (P1)


Research (P1)

09/06/2012 - 09/10/2012

• Thorough research & data collection (sometimes reading surveys, reports, a book, reviewing a movie)

Pre-interview (P1)


• Pre-interview with the guest(s)

Script writing (P1)

09/10/2012 - 09/11/2012

• Writing/developing the script for the hosts

Pre-production (P1, ENG, SP, AP)

09/11/2012 11 am

Recording and editing of audio elements for Live to tape recording

o a new “VIVA minute” tip every day,
o and a 60 second message from EVP Lorraine Cortes-Vasquez
o Guest or correspondent segments

All of these elements need to be organized by the producer in charge of their show that day. Some shows involve clips or pre-produced segments: a soundbite, an interview from the field, a recording, a music clip. All of these need to be clearly organized and shared with the engineer

The radio engineer prepares all of the elements for the show into the system. When we go to record, the process is “live-to-tape”, so the producer will call out when they are ready to roll one of the pre-produced elements (tips and clips). This has to be seamless, especially when we go live

Recording (P1, ENG)

09/11/2012 3 pm

Post-production, content editing (P1, ENG)

09/11/2012 4:30 pm

Post-production, mastering and distribution (ENG)

09/11/2012 5:30 pm

Promotion of the show on social media (EP, SP, AP)

09/12/2012 1 pm

...simultaneous with show airing on SiriusXM

Airing on SiriusXm (ENG)

09/12/2012 1 pm

Published on AARP En Español (ENG, AP)

09/12/2012 2 pm