Timline for History


Marxism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels


Writings made by Marx himself that were based on materialist connection of history which he developed

Leninism, Vladimir Lenin


Developed some of Marx's economic ideas which were based on capitalism and imperialism

Stalinism, Joseph Stalin


Term used by people who were politically obsessed and historians that were obsessed with Stalin.

Hitler and the Nazi party


Adolf Hitler was born in Austria and was in the beginning only a volunteer to fight for Germany in WW1.
The Nazi Party were the National Socialist German Workers' Party before they renamed it.

Weimar Republic

1919 - 1933

Was the type of democracy/government Germany had during this time period

Dictatorship: Soviet, Fascist and Nazi


When they first started to use dictators and what groups that used it at a method



Was a form of revolutionary ultra-nationalism for national rebirth based on primarily vitalist philosophy.

Institutional terror


Another way Hitler maintained the Nazi dictatorship was the creation of police also known as the terror-state

The Collapse of Weimar Germany


The role of van Hindenburg


Paul von Hindenburg was an important factor in the collapse of Weimar democracy



They were the once taking care of the family and had to look up to the men because the men had more rights at this time period

The Länder

1933 - 39

Was a type of government which basically made all the decisions at this time period.

Jewish people


Were seen as the 'bad' and 'unclean' people so Hitler decided to ban them and send them to concentration camps

The churches


The Nazis failed to create a new culture so they decided to corporate with the Catholic Church

The Enabling Act

March 1933

Hitler obtained the necessary two-thirds majority to have this legislation known as the Enabling Act.

Hitler as a Führer

August 2, 1934

Hitler became the leader which did not surprise anybody.

The Hussbach Memorandum


The notes from the meeting with foreign minister Von Neurath, war minister Blomberg and the 3 commanders-in-chief of the armed forces


1938 - 39

Another region Nazi Germany occupied and invaded



Was one of Britain's and France's ally before Hitler decided to invade that country too and used it for his camps later on

The four - year plan


Was a plan to make Germany's economy and military forces ready to fight a war in four years time period.