The theory of cells


Zaccharias and Hans janssen


The frist compound microscope was invented by Zacharias and Hans janssen. They were ducth spectical makers.

Robert Hooke


Robert Hooke inventend the second, updated version of Zaccharias's version of the microscope.

Anton van LeeWehoek


Anton Van Leewehoek invented a microscope that only used a tiny lens, but it could magnify a specimen up to 266 times.

Matthias Schleiden


Matthias Schleden helped develop the cell theory. Both Schleden and Schwann made an important discovery about living things, but didn't explain where cells came from.

Theodor Schwann


Theodor Schwann also helped discover cell theory. He concluded that all animals are also made up of cells.

Rudolf Virchow


Rudolf Virchow was another man who helped develop cell theory which is all living thing are composed of cells, Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things, and all cells are produced from other cells. He also said that cells are formed only from cells that alredy exist.