Ancient Greece


First Olympic Games takes place

776 BC

In honour of the Greek God Zeus the games are held every 4 years.

Greek Coins are introduced

600 BC

Pythagoras is Born

570 BC

He will make a significant difference in Science, Math and Philosophy.
Pythagorean Theory is still used in Geometry today.

Democracy is introduced in Athens

508 BC

Cleisthenes establishes a constitution that becomes one of the biggest accomplishments in Greek culture.

The Parthenon (Athena's temple) is completed in Athen on the Acropolis

432 BC

Today this is the oldest and most famous building of Ancient Greece.

Wars between Sparta and Athens

431 BC - 404 BC

The Peloponneusian War begins in 431 BC and will last 27 years with Sparta conquering Athens, ending in 404 BC.

Alexander the Great becomes King

336 BC

Alexander's father, Philip of Macedon, is assassinated

Alexander conquers Egypt

332 BC

Alexander establishes the new capital of Egypt at Alexandria. Over the next several years Alexander will expand his empire by conquering most of Persia on the way to India.

Alexander the Great dies and Ancient Romans conquer Greece

323 BC - 146 BC

The Hellenistic period begins when Alexander the Great dies and Greece becomes part of the Roman Empire.