The causes leading up to the revolutionary war


The French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

It was between the British and the French. The reason this event happened was because of Frances expansion into the Ohio River Valley and caused conflict leading to the series of wars known as the French and Indian War.

The sugar act


A tax on molasses,tea,and wine. This act upset the colonists.

The Stamp act


A tax on paper goods. It also had to have a special stamp on it showing it was a taxed good.

The stamp act congress


A meeting held between October seventh through October twenty fifth 1765. Consisting of representatives from some of the British colonies in North America.

Townshend acts


A tax on glass,paint,oil,lead,paper,and tea. Later on the townshend acts were taken away due to the boycott the colonists started. The only tax that was not taken away was the tea act.

The Boston Massacre


This event took place in front of the customs house on king street. Many civilians including Crispus Attucks were killed on the snowy night of March 5,1770

The Boston Tea Party


The Boston tea party was an event that happened when the tea act was made. The colonists were very upset and many wanted to rebel. Some colonists dressed up as natives so they weren't caught and dumped a bunch of tea into the Boston Harbor.