The History of Microscopes and the Cell Theory


The Invention of the Microscope by Zacharias Jenssen


A man named Zacharias Janssen made a first compound microscope in the Netherlands.

The Works of Anton Van Leewenhoek


Anton Van Leewenhoek invented his own microscope and he discovered bacteria by looking at dental scrapings. Instead of calling them bacteria, he called them "Animalcules".

Hooke's Compound Microscope


Robert Hooke's microscope included an oil lamp for lighting. A lens focuses light from the flame onto the specimen.

Robert Hooke Discovers Cells


Hooke was looking at a piece of cork through his microscope. He saw cell walls and said they looked like tiny rectangular rooms.

Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann Discover the First Part of The Cell Theory


Schleiden concluded

Rudolf Virchow Discovers The Third Part of The Cell Theory


VIrchow discovered that all cells come from cells that already exist.