Evolution of Cell Theory


zacharias Janssen


The person who had made the first Microscope was named Zacharias Janssen. He made the first microscope in 1590. He also made the first telescope ever. His microscope invention was very popular at the time.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek


Anton Van Leeuwenhoek had made is own and changed it so it would be easier for him to use it. People said that they looked like a pair of sunglasses u cant see threw. After he looked at every thing with cells in them threw the microscope.

Robert Hooke


Robert Hooke wanted to do something new. Robert had taken a peace of cork and put it under a micros cope. He saw the cells in them and he said they looked like tiny rectangles. He discovered cells come from preexisting cells.

Mathias Schleiden


Mathias is a German Botainst and co-founder of the cell theory.

Theodor Schwann


Theodor Schwann