Early Civilizations


Rosetta stone

3200 b.c.e

a huge stone slab with hieroglyphics on it


3100 BC

is in ainchiant writing system

Old Kingdom

2700 b.c.e - 2200 b.c.e

pharaoh khufu

2551 bc - 2528 bc

middle kingdom

2000 bce - 1800 bce

pharaoh senusret

1971 Bc - 1926 Bc

kingdom of kush

1700 bc - 370 ad

it was a kingdom on the Nile river and par-chilly controlled trade sense they were on the river.

new kingdom

1600 bce - 1100 bce

pharaoh hatsheosut

1473 bc - 1458 bc

pharaoh Rames 2

1290 bc - 1224 bc

First Historical Records Of Kush

1070 bc - 370 ad

Kush Conquers Egypt

700 b.c.e

wagadou empire

300 ce - 830 ce

The Empire grew rich from the trans-Saharan trade in gold and salt. This trade produced an increasing surplus, allowing for larger urban centers. It also encouraged territorial expansion to gain control over the lucrative trade routes.

Ghana's decline

700 ce

Mali empire

800 ce - 1600 ce

The Mali Empire flourished because of trade above all else. It contained three immense gold mines within its borders unlike the Ghana Empire, which was only a transit point for gold. The empire taxed every ounce of gold or salt that entered its borders. By the beginning of the 14th century, Mali was the source of almost half the Old World’s gold exported from mines in Bambuk, Boure and Galam.

mansa musa

1312 - 1337

mansa musa pilgrimage to mecca


Songhai Empire

1340 - 1591

The Songhai state has existed in one form or another for over a thousand years if one traces its rulers from the first settlement in Gao to its semi-vassal status under the Mali Empire through its continuation in Niger as the Dendi Kingdom.

fall of mali


fall of Songhai