HSIE Saddam Hussein


Iraq invades Kuwait.

2 August 1990

Saddam Hussein proclaims Kuwait as a province of Iraq

Operation Desert Shield begins.

7 August 1990

The first US forces arrive in Saudi Arabia.

UN authorizes any force necessary to remove Iraqi forces

29 November 1990

Iraqis are given to 15 January to leave Kuwait.

Deadline passes for Iraqi withdrawal.

15 January 1991

Airstrikes against Millitary Leadership

16 January 1991

Air campaign begins against military leadership targets in Kuwait and Iraq (concentrating on Baghdad).

Bush is granted authority to use military force.

21 January 1991

Congress grants President George H.W. Bush the authority to use military force.

Desert Storm commences and Iraqi forces are pushed out of Kuwait.

24 February 1991

Desert Storm begins as coalition ground forces drive on Iraqi forces in Kuwait.

Iraq agrees to a cease fire. Iraqi forces retreat from Kuwait.

28 February 1991

After 100 hours, Iraq agrees to a ceasefire. Iraqi forces have retreated from Kuwait. The United States (under the leadership of President George H.W. Bush, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell) is satisfied with U.N. objectives and does not push on to Baghdad. Within Iraq, Saddam brutally crushes Shi'ite and Kurdish opposition.

Iraq accepts conditions for a permanent cease fire.

3 March 1991