Industrial Revolution


Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity

Approx. 1746

The Spinning Machine

Approx. 1748

Developed by Richard Arkwright

Spinning Jenny

Approx. 1764

Invented by James Hargreaves

Water Frame

Approx. 1767

Invented by Richard Arkwright

First autommobile created

Approx. 1769

Turtle Submarine

Approx. 1775

Invented by David Bushnell

Power Loom

Approx. 1784

Invented by Edward Cartwright
Only first made in 1785

First Steamship

Approx. 1787

The Sydney Outbreak

Approx. 1789

Natural outbreak of small pox killed killed many Aborigenes

Darwin's grandfather proposes the theory of evolution

Approx. 1790

The Semaphor

Approx. 1790

A code that used smoke shaped in letters

Edward Jenner improved Variolation process

Approx. 1796

Created new Vaccination

Humphrey Davrey invented first light bulb

Approx. 1800

Shrapnel Shells

Approx. 1803

Invented by Henry Shrapnel

First Steamtrain

Approx. 1804

The Puffing Devil

Erie Canal

Approx. 1807

First propesed

First car powered by an internal combustion engine

Approx. 1807

First Steamship

Approx. 1807

High-Pressure Engine

Government sponsered report on Public roads

Approx. 1808

First Succesful Steam Train

Approx. 1814

Construction of National Road in Maryland

Approx. 1815

The construction started

Erie Canal

Approx. 1817

The construction began

First Steamship


First to cross Atlantic
SS Savannah

First Public Railway

Approx. 1825

Frist Public American Railway

Approx. 1830

Cooke and Wheatstone invent Telegraph System

Approx. 1830

It has S needles(Magnetic)

Darwin went on the HMS Beagle

Approx. 1831 - Approx. 1836

He went around the world studying animals

Charles Darwin sat on the the theory of evolution

Approx. 1836 - Approx. 1859

He wasn't sure if he should write about it because of the christian church and its power


Approx. 1836

Invented by Samuel Colt

Samuel Morse invents morse code

Approx. 1836

..._ _ _...

Morse and Vail recieve funding from U.S.A

Approx. 1843

They test telegraph between Washington D.C and Baltimore, Maryland

William Kelly first theorized mass produce steel

Approx. 1847

Illinois and Michigan canals connect

Approx. 1848

They connect Mississipi to Mexico's Gulf

Henry Bessemer develpos same idea as Kelly

Approx. 1856

Bessemer actually makes it succesful

Robert Goster Mushet makes alloy

Approx. 1857

The alloy is made out of :
carbon, iron, mapnese
more durability to steel

Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species"

Approx. 1859

He finally decided to write about his findings

Joseph Swan first light

Approx. 1860

Gatting Gun

Approx. 1861

Invented by Richard Gatting

Ironclad Warship

Approx. 1862

Invented by John Ericcson

First Steel Railway

Approx. 1868

Laid in Cleveland by Isaac N. Pemock

Light Bulb invented by Thomas Edison

Approx. 1879

Public Electricty

Approx. 1883

First Skyscraper

Approx. 1884

First car powered by petrol built

Approx. 1886

First car race held

November 28, 1895

Bifuricated Needle

Approx. 1965


Approx. 1967

The GSEP had 44 countries report 217218 cases of small pox