The cell theory


the invention of the microscope

1590 - Present

Dr. Jannsen and his father Hans were dutch eye glass makers who invented the microscope

cell first observed

1665 - Present

Robert Hooke was an English philosopher. He discovered cells by looking in a microscope and observed that the cells looked similar to to rooms.

first living cells seen

1670 - Present

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek was a Dutch tradesman and scientist. He looked at a pond with a microscope he made lenses for.

Discovery of plant cells

1838 - Present

Matthias Schlelden was a German botanist composed that all plant tissues are composed of cells

Discorvery of animal cells

1839 - Present

In 1838 Matthias Schleiden had stated that plant tissues were composed of cells. Schwann demonstrated the same fact for animal tissues, and in 1839 concluded that all tissues are made up of cells: this laid the foundations for the cell theory.

3rd part of the cell theory

1855 - Present

Virchow is credited with several very important discoveries. His most widely known scientific contribution is his cell theory, which built on the work of Theodor Schwann.