The Cell Theory


invention of the microscope


It is said that the first people who made the microscope were Hans and Zacharias Janssen. Zacharias was the son of Hans. They made the microscope as the same person who may have made the microscope first, Hans Lippershey.

First cell observed


In 1665 a man named Robert Hooke(An English scientist) was looking at a cork and saw that the empty spaces looked like cells like the cells that the monks lived in at their monastery.

first living cell seen


A man called Anton van Leeuwenhoek(Another Dutch scientist) looked at pond water through his microscope and saw the a living cell.

plant cells


In 1838, Matthias Schleiden(German scientist) concluded that all living plants are made of cells.

animal cells


Theodor Schwann(another scientist) discovers that all animals are made up of cells too.

where cells come from


Matthias Schleiden said that all cells did not come from preexisting cells and just popped out of nowhere, but Rudolf Virchow(german scientist) and Robert Remak(Polish/German scientist) did not say that happens and instead said that cells come from preexisting cells.