The History of the Cell Theory


Microscope Invented


A man named Dr, Jansen and his dad, who lived in the Netherlands, invented the microscope with items from their jobs of eyeglass makers.

Feud of Hooke and Newton

1600 - 1609

Hooke and Isaac Newton get into a feud even after Hooke dies. No trace of Hooke was found until years later.

Robert Hooke

1630 - 1639

Robert Hooke looked at a cork and noticed little areas that he called cells.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek


Anton van Leeuwenhoek was famous for making his own microscope and discovering bacteria [or what he called animalcules] by looking at his own teeth.

Matthius Scleilden


Mattius Scleiden a botanist, discovered that all plants had cells by noticing every plant he looked at had cells.

Theodor Schwann


Theodor Schwann discovered that all animals had cells by noticing every animal he looked at had cells.

Rudolph Virchow


Stated that cells come from other cells.