the cell theory



1600 - 1609

Zacharis made the first compound microscope

Hookes microscope

1660 - 2016

Hooke added physics to the Anton's microscope. He looked into a cork and called it a cell

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek


Leeuwenhoek made his own microscope. Also dicovered animalcules or bacteria.

Sir Isaac Newton

1687 - 1688

He published a book about how Earths move because of gravity. Hooke said that he stole Hookes research.

Theodor Schwann and Matthias Schledien


The scientist came together and they came up with the cell theory

Theodor schwann


After a long research theodor relized that all animals are made of cells.

Matthias Schleiden


After long research matthias relize that all plants are made of cells.

Rudolph Virchow


Rudolph Virchow settled the argument of schleiden and Schwann that cell regenarate cells by them self.

Robert Remark


Remark was the one to relize that cells regenorate from other cells. Virchow stole the information from him