the development of the cell theory


Zacharias Janessen was born;

Approx. 1585

He was a dutch spectacle maker from Middelburg. Also, he was born in the hague.

Zacharias Janessen invention;

Approx. 1595

he invents the first compound microscope.

Robert Hooke

Approx. 1665

Hooke designed a microscope, and was looking at different things. He looked at a piece of cork under under it and thought it looked like a bunch of empty rooms. Like cells. So to this day, the term cell is used in biology.

Antonie Van Leewenhoek

Approx. 1674

Antoine is another scientist who saw these cells. He observed the first living cells in pond water.

Robert Brown

Approx. 1833

Robert Brown discovered the nucleus of cells. He explains how its important as well.

Theodor Schwann


Stated that the cell is the basic unit for all organisms. He composed that animal tissue is made of cells. He also worked on discovering the enzyme pepsin.

Matthias Schleiden

Approx. 1839

He recognized the importance of the cell nucleus. He said that all plant tissues are made from cells.

Carl Heinrich Braun

Approx. 1845

He states the second part of the cell theory; cells are the basic unit of life.

Rudolph Virchow

Approx. 1855

He stated the third part of the cell theory; cells only come from other living preexisting cells.

Cell Theory Today

Approx. 2016

It now helps with/is part of the study of biology. It shouldmost likely be taught in every science class.