World War I


Australian Prime Minister Andrew Fisher declares that AUS will support Great Britiain

August 4, 1914

The Australian Red Cross is established to raise funds to purchase supplies for Australian service personnel overseas

August 13,1914

Australian Troops train at Mena

January 1 1915 - April 10 1915

An allied naval attack in the Dardanelles, Turkey, aims to clear the sea route to Constantinople (Istanbul) and allow the Allies to take over the capital

19 February 1915

Australian, New Zealand, British and French troops land at Gallipoli

25 April 1915

The battle of the Somme begins

1 July 1916

Tanks are used for the first time in the Somme at Flers-Courcelette

15 September 1916

German forces on the Western Front withdraw to the Hindenburg Line which is stronger

1 February 1917 - 31 March 1917

The United States declares war on Germany

6 April 1917

Turkey surrenders and signs the Armistice with the Allies

30 October 1918

The Paris Peace Conference is held

12 January 1919