Civil War


inauguration of president lincoln

march 4 1861

marked the commencement of the first four year term of lincoln as president and hannibal as vice president

battle of fort sumter

april 12 1861 - april 14 1861

on april 12 1861 general Beauregard forces around Charleston harbor, they opened fire on the union garrison holding Fort Sumter. On april 13 1861 Robert anderson, garrison commander surrendered and was evacuated the next day

First Bull Run

july 21 1861

the surprising victory of the confederate army humiliated the north and forced it to prepare for a long war

engraving of the battle

march 9 1862

the practice of incising a design onto a hard, flat surface, by cutting grooves into it

battle of shiloh

april 6 1862 - april 7 1862

40,000 confederate soldiers under the command of general Johnston came out of the woods and struck a limns of the union soldiers in the Tennessee river on an april morning. the two day battle was to blame for more than 23,000 casualties and the bloodiest battle in American History.

battle of antietam

september 17 1862

also known as the battle of sharps burg Maryland and antietam creek as part of the Maryland campaign

emancipation proclamation

january 1 1863

a presidential proclamation and executive order issued by president Abraham Lincoln.

battle of chancellorville

april 30 1863 - may 6 1863

the sound won battle. one of stonewall jackson's men had accidentally shot and killed him mistaking jackson for a yankee. the union lost troops which was a time of hope for them.

battle of vicksburg

may 18 1863 - july 4 1863

his army crossed the Mississippi river and drove the confederate army of Mississippi. in the summer of 1863 general grant's armies let loose on vicksburg

battle of gettysburg

july 1863

the battle of the civil war that contained the most casualties in the civil war. it also is known as the turning point of the war. general George mead's army defeated the confederates attacks

battle of chattanooga

november 23 1863

a minor artillery battle in the American civil war.

cold harbor

may 31 1864 - june 12 1864

fought from may 31 to june 12 1864 most significant fighting occurring on june 3

battle of Nashville

december 15 1864 - december 16 1864

two day battle in the Franklin-Nashville campaign that represented the end of large-scale fighting west of the coastal states in the american civil war

lee surrenders at appomattox


hoods rebel army of 23,000 is crushed at Nashville by 55,000 federals including negro troops under general H, Thomas the confederate army of Tennessee ceases as an effective force

Lincoln's Assassination

April 15, 1865

Abraham Lincoln was at Ford's theater watching a play be performed. John Booth snuck up behind him at put a gun to his head and shot him. Lincoln died the following day due to complications from the shot.