Origin of Hinduism

1500 BC

Hinduism began in India

The founding of Buddhism

563 BCE

Start of Confucianism

551 BC

Origin of Taoism

476 BCE

Acceptance of Buddhihsm by Government

300 BCE

Spread of Buddhism Internationally

300 BCE

Origin of Legalism

221 BCE

Legalism accepted as state philosy

206 BCE

Spread of Hinduism within the Indian Subcontient

200 BCE

Origin of Shinto

200 BCE

Legalisms abandoned Confucianism

87 BCE

Widespread acceptance of Confucianism

200 CE

Taoism established from philosophy to religion

220 CE

Spread of Hinduism to different countries

500 CE

Taoism established as the official relgion of the Tang Dynasty

608 CE

Collection of myths that define Shino

708 - 807 CE

Beginning of the Shinto state