Roman Empire

Approx. 27 BCE - Approx. 476 AD

Middle Ages

Approx. 500 - Approx. 1500

The Battle of Hastings


It made William the Conqueror the king of England

Mongul Empire

Approx. 1206 - Approx. 1368

Magna Carta signed


King John and his Barons signed the Magna Carta paving the way for human rights

Osman 1

1259 - 1326

Ruler of the Ottoman Empire, which is the largest and most powerful empire.

Kublai Khan - Paper Money


Kublai Khan, a Chinese emperor, made money compulsory.

The Ottoman Empires

1299 - 1543


Approx. 1300 - Approx. 1600

The Black Death

1346 - 1353

Killed 45 million people in England

Johannes Gutenberg


Approximate date of the invention of the printing press.

Leonardo Da Vinci

1452 - 1519

Influential inventor.

Mona Lisa


Leonardo Da Vinci painted one of the worlds most famous pieces of art, the Mona Lisa

Church of England founded


King Henry VIII created his own church called the Church of England to allow divorce so that he could marry another woman.

Galliello Galilei

1564 - 1642

Helped set up modern astronomy beliefs.

William Harvey

1578 - 1657

William Harvey was the first person to discover why how blood is transported through the body.