Korean War


Korea is separated by the 38th Parallel, creating the communist North Korea and the anti-communist South Korea.

Approx. May 1945

With support from Russia, N. Korea invades S. Korea.

June 25 1950

S. Korean Syngman Rhee begins the Summer of Terror, in which 100,000 people are killed in fear that they'll join N. Korea.

June 25 1950

US President Harry Truman send US troops to join the war in order contain communism.

June 27 1950

China joins the war alongside N. Korea.

Approx. October 1950

N. Korea and S. Korea begin having peace talks.

Approx. February 1951

N. Korea and S. Korea sign a treaty to stop fighting and create the Demilitarised Zone.

July 27 1953