Timeline of Events


Beer is suspected to have emerged

Approx. 9000 BCE

Oldest evidence of wine to date

Approx. 5400 BC

Written cuneiform evidence of beer appears

Approx. 4000 BC

Distillation process is discovered by alchemists

Approx. 4000 BC

Vineyards and wine emerge in Egypt

Approx. 3000 BCE

Distillation of wine is popularized

Approx. 800 BC

Tang dynasty begins and tea emerges in China


Tea is introduced in Europe

Approx. 1500

First coffeehouse emerges in Europe

Approx. 1650

Coffee is popularized in Europe

Approx. 1700

Soda water becomes commercialized in the US

Approx. 1780

John Pemberton supposedly invents Coca-Cola

Approx. 1886