Egyptian Culture

Approx. 5500 BCE - Approx. 30 BCE

Egypt had many gods and many forms of one single god. They have many versions of the same story and is the oldest civilization on Earth (maybe).

First Nubians Arrive

5000 BCE

These people were mainly hunters and herders but slowly they became farmers as well and from there developed a strong civilization.

Egypt is united

3100 BCE

For the first time Egypt was united under one king and this event lead to the unity of religion as well.


3000 BCE - Present

The Amarna Period begins

1353 BCE

This is the period in Egyptian history when Akhenaten almost made Egyptian culture monotheism. This period only lasted a short time, ending when King Tut came to the Throne.

Battle of Kadesh

1274 BCE

A battle between Rameses II and King Muwatalli II the battle ended in a draw.

Nubian Kings Rule Egypt

750 BCE

At this time Nubian Kings ruled Egypt, they built monuments and left historical texts.


Approx. 675 BCE - Approx. Present

Technically Judaism began long before this but it only became known as this around 675 BCE, it was originally called Hebrew.

The Fall of Jerusalem

586 BCE

Jerusalem finally fell to the Babylonians (who had recently ran out the Egyptians from Syria and the surrounding area) and the survivors were exiled to Babylon.

Birth of Muhammad

570 BCE

The last prophet of Allah.

Islamic Religion

Approx. 570 BCE - Present

By far one of the most successful religion.

Return to Judah

539 BCE

40,000 of those exiled were allowed to return to Judah after Persian King conquered Babylon.

The temple is rebuilt

515 BCE

The Holy Temple built by Solomon, is rebuilt.

Death of Muhammad

508 BCE

Muhammad's life was very successful and to this day he is remembered and celebrated by people across the world.

The Qur'an is written

507 BCE

The Qur'an was a collection of Muhammad's teachings in a single book. This book is the most sacred thing in Islamic culture and the only version considered true is in Arabic .


332 BCE - 698 CE

Much of this civilization's history is filled with wars.

Destruction of Tyre

332 BCE

Alexander's destruction of Tyre allowed Carthage to be founded.

Nubian Art crosses Over to Greece and Rome

330 BCE

The art and literature of Greece and Rome suggest that Nubians had some kind of influence in both countries.

Punic Wars

264 BCE

In these wars the Civilization Carthage was defeated by the Romans who completely destroyed the city.

Rebuilding Carthage

122 BCE

Julius Caesar planned and proposed that Carthage should be rebuilt, but the rebuilding of Carthage was not completed until five years after his death.

Birth of Christ

Approx. 6 BCE

One of the major prophets in the Bible is born and this is truly when Christianity began.


Approx. 6 BCE - Present

Palm Sunday

Approx. 30 CE

Christ came back to life and then ascended to heaven.

Death of Christ

Approx. 30 CE

Christ is crucified on the cross like hundreds of thousands of others.