Gandhi and World Events

Gandhi's life

Gandhi is born


Gandhi marries Kasturba Mohandas

Approx. May 1883

Passing of Gandhi's Father

Approx. 1885

Gandhi went to study law at the Inner Temple in London

Approx. 1888

Gandhi's mother died

Approx. January 1891

Gandhi returned to India

Approx. 1891

Gandhi moved his entire family to South Africa for a job

Approx. 1893

Strike against £3 tax on Indian descent


Massacre of Amritsar, Gandhi not pledging allegiance to Britain after this because of the large amount of casualties

Approx. April 13, 1919

Heavy tax on salt, so Gandhi organized The Great Salt March

Approx. 1930

Gandhi is murdered by Hindu extremist, shot three times in the chest

Jan. 30, 1948

World events at the time of Gandhi's life

Thomas Edison patents the voice recorder

Approx. June 1, 1869

The first law allowing women to vote is approved

Approx. Dec. 10, 1869

The first labor day parade

sep. 5 1882

“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is published

Approx. 1885

Statue of Liberty arrives in New York

june 19, 1885

Carnegie Hall is built


Harriet Tubman dies

Mar 10, 1913

Polish-Soviet war starts

Feb. 1919

Cub Scouts program begins

Approx. 1930

V Olympic Winter Games Held in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Jan. 30, 1948 - Feb. 8 1948