Paper Timeline


Cuneiform used in Mesopotamia

Approx. 3300 BCE - Approx. 100 CE

Papyrus in Egypt

Approx. 3000 BCE - Approx. 1752 CE

Credit of making paper given to Cai Lun in China

105 CE

Paper making spreads

610 CE

Europeans continue to innovate paper

Approx. 1300 CE

Gutenberg Press

1450 CE

Paper Mills begin rapid production

Approx. 1500 CE

Manufactures of paper emerged

Approx. 1600 CE - Approx. 1700 CE

Hollander Beater

1680 CE

Claude-Louis Berthollet chemically bleached pulp

1785 CE

First flat-screen paper making machine made by J.N.L. Robert

1798 CE

Innovations lead to new paper grades

Approx. 1800 CE - Approx. 1900 CE

Introduction of wood-based paper

Approx. 1800 CE

Toilet Paper patented

September 15, 1891