Egypt Timeline


Old Kingdom

2700 B.C.E - 2200 B.C.E

early pharaohs, strong central government, tombs for pharaohs that people thought were gods

Middle Kingdom

2000 B.C.E - 1800 B.C.E

there was lots of chaos but great achievements in literature, art, and architecture

New Kingdom

1600 B.C.E - 1100 B.C.E

It was there golden age or at there best.


1473 B.C.E - 1458 B.C.E

She was the first female Pharaoh. She shared power with her male relatives, but soon took over as ruler. She filled her Government with loyal advisers and demanded the same respect shown to men. Sometimes she'll dress up as a man, have Artists draw her as a man. She had a huge trade with Punt. She had a temple built into a cliff above the Nile River. At the entrance was Mpuments and there about 200 of these lion man things statues.

Ghana Empire

830 C.E - 1235 C.E

Mali Empire

1230 C.E - 1600 C.E

Songhai Empire

1340 C.E - 1591 C.E