Early Civilizations


Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt

3200 B.C.

Old Kingdom

2700 BCE - 2200 BCE

Age of the Pyramids-This time period was known for the pharaoh's creating a strong central government and pyramids for themselves as tombs.

Middle Kingdom

2000 BC - 1800 BC

During this time, early pharaohs set up a strong central government.

Kingdom of Kush

2000 BC

Senusret I

1971 B.C.E - 1926 B.C.E

Rosetta Stone

1799 BC

A huge slab inscribed with hieroglyphics

New Kingdom

1600 BC - 1100 BC

Pharaohs increased trade and had huge monuments built.


1479 BCE - 1458 BCE

One of her greatest achievements was becoming the first female ruler.

Kush Conquers Egypt

850 BC

Ghana Empire

400 AD - 1200 AD

Ghana's Decline

1000 AD - 1200 AD

The 3 major factors was invasion, overgrazing, and internal rebellion

The Fall of Mail

1431 - 1500