Early Civilization


old kingdom

2700 bce - 2200 bce

age of the pyramid . During this time, early pharaohs set up a strong central government. They also had great pyramids built as tombs for themselves. Some historians call this time the Age of the Pyramids.

king khufu

2551 B.C.E - 2528 B.C.E

4th dynasty, he followed his possible father, king Sneferu, on the throne. He is generally accepted as having commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza,

Middle Kingdom

2040 BC - 1780 BC

the Period of Reunification it was many know by this name became of all years of chose

king senueret

1971 B.C.E - 1926 B.C.E

pharaoh of Egypt. He ruled from 1878 BC to 1839 BC during a time of great power and prosperity, and was the fifth monarch of the Twelfth Dynasty of the Middle Kingdom.

new kingdom

Approx. 1600 B.C.E - Approx. 1100 B.C.E.

often called Egypt’s Golden Age. During this time of peace and stability, ancient Egypt’s power reached its height. Pharaohs increased trade and had huge monuments built.

King ramses 2nd

Approx. 1290 b.c.e - Approx. 1224 b.c.e

at the age of ten he was caption of the Egyptian army


830 - 1235


1230 - 1600


1340 - 1591