Early Civilization


Old Kingdom

2700 bce - 2200 bce

wased known as the age of the pyramids. also for there government and tombs.

Middle Kingdom

2040 BC - 1780 BC

sometimes called the Period of Reunification because it followed years of chaos and disunity. It is known for literature, art, and architecture.


1971 B.C.E. - 1926 B.C.E.

art,literature,and architecture during his reign.

New Kingdom

1600 B.C.E - 1100 B.C.E

Egypt’s power reached its height. Pharaohs increased trade and had huge monuments built.


1479 BCE - 1458 BCE

first female pharaoh. she demanded the same respect as a male.Sometimes she would ware a fake beard worn by men.

Ramses II

1279 BC - 1213 BC

was an amazing soldier and ruler. Was an a amazing architecture.had over 100 kids and 100 kids.known for building the Abu Simbel.