Early Civilizations


old kingdom

2700 bce - 2200 bce

this is called pharaohs set up a strong central government. They also had great pyramids built as tombs for themselvesthe age of the pyramid,known for goverment and tombs


2551 b.c.e - 2528 b.c.e

he was responsible for the buildings of the great pyrimed

Middle kingdom

2000 b.c.e - 1800 b.c.e

the Period of Reunification.because it followed years of chaos and disunity

senueret 1st

1971 b.c.e - 1926 b.c.e

he had many temples and improved them

New Kingdom

1600 b.c.e - 1100 b.c.e

often called Egypt’s Golden Age.During this time of peace and stability, ancient Egypt’s power reached its height. Pharaohs increased trade and had huge monuments built.

king ramses the 2nd

1290 b.c.e - 1224 b.c.e

at the age of ten he was a captan of the egiyption

mail,Ghana,and songhai

1230 AD - 1600 AD