Early Civilization Timeline



3000 BCE

Egyptian writing systems for reading in ancient times.

Old kingdom

2700 B.C.E. - 2200 B.C.E.

Age of the pyramids and known for creating great pyramids.


2551 b.c.e - 2528 b.c.e

Middle Kingdom

2000 BCE - 1800 BCE

Called the period of Reunification and was followed by years of chaos.

Kingdom of Kush

2000 B.C.E. - 1500 B.C.E.

The kingdom of Kush was named this way after it was conquered


1971 BCE - 1926 BCE

New Kingdom

1600 BCE - 1100 BCE

Called the Egypt's Golden Age and was known for egypts height of power.


1473 B.C.E - 1458 B.C.E


1290 B.C.E. - 1224 B.C.E.

He built a temple on the side of a cliff and the cliff was the base of the Nile river.

First Historical Records of Kush

700 BC

Armies of Kush swept into egypt and conquered the place and this was the first historical record of kush.

Kush Conquers Egypt

700 BC

In 850 BC Kush had regained control of its strength and had restored to the power it once had and egypt was growing weaker a series of weak pharaohs left the kingdom open for attack and then Kush attacked and took control of egypt.

Ghana Empire


Ghana was in control of routes of africa and was very safe for everyone who passed there would be safe.

ghana decline

1000 - 1200

The first thing that brought them down was invasion the second was Almoravid because he brought some animals and they ate all the plants third was rebellion not only were they fighting other people but also they fought against themselves.

Mali Empire

1230 - 1431

Rulers conquered mali and a small boy was ruled over a cruel king then he made a rebellion when he was older and then he became king again and gained control of Mali once again.

Mansa Musa rule

1280 CE - 1337 CE

Mansa Musa was another great king who gave a lot of his gold to other people who played a both political and religous role on society.

Mnasa Musa pilgrimage to Mecca

1312 - 1337

On this pilgrimage he through gold all over the kingdom and spreaded cheer wherever he went.

Songhai Empire

1340 - 1591

Songhai was a place an empire took over and then they rebelled and gained there freedom once again.

Fall of Mali


There was a very weak king who couldn't do anything like his father and he was the one that was at falt for the kingdom falling because as a king he was weak.

Fall of Songhai


Morocco was thrying to invade Songhai because they needed territory to expand and they tryed to capture Songhai and then they acomlished there goal and took over the empire.

Rosetta Stone


A huge stone slab with writing of hieroglyphics.