Ancient Civivilization



3300 BC.

Old Kingdom

2700 b.c.e - 2200 b.c.e

They had great pyramids built as tombs for themselves


2551 b.c.e - 2528 b.c.e

Middle Kingdom

2050 BC. - 1750 BC.

Egyptians enjoyed many great achievements in literature, art, and architecture.

The New Kingdom

1600 b.c.e - 1100 b.c.e

Pharaohs increased trade and had huge monuments built.


1473 b.c.e - 1458 b.c.e

Was Egypt's first female Pharaoh. Her biggest achievement/trade expedition was the African Kingdom of Ponto , "200 men in five ships brought gifts and trade goods."

Ramses The Great

1290 b.c.e - 1224 b.c.e

The first Pharaoh to make a peace treaty, Had a temple built for him and two days every year the sun will line up and shine down the halls and light up the statues.


800 c.e


830 c.e


1230 c.e - 1600 c.e

Rosetta Stone

1799 - Present