Early civilizations


Kingdom of Kush

3500 BC - 2000 BC

An early kingdom that is by the Nile river and has good farmers


3300 BC

An Egypt writing system

Old Kingdom

2700 BCE - 2200 BCE

Old kingdom was the time were they had tombs and pyramid and they had pharoh that had ruled pyramid and store bodies.This was known as the age of the age of pyramid

Pharaoh khunfu

2551 BCE - 2528 BCE

He was a great sculptor it had took him 20 years to build one pyramid but it was a great one he was a good and long living pharaoh.

Middle kingdom

2000 BCE - 1800 BCE

This time was bad it had chaos but there were a lot of great achievements there was art and tools.This was known as the age of inventions and creating.

Pharaoh Senusret

1971 BCE - 1926 BCE

he built his own chapel and he ruled that chapel this was an architectural achievement for building this chapel when he died he was covered in a layer of gold

Pharaoh Ramses the 2

1920 BCE - 1824 BCE

He was the longest living pharaoh he had over 100 children.He was the first pharaoh that made the peace tready for the war

Rosetta stone

1799 BC

a slab with hyrogliphics

New kingdom

1600 BCE - 1100 BCE

This time they thought life could not get any better it was the golden age they had lots of power and trade had went big.This was the age of power and golden


1559 BCE - 1340 BCE

western Africa and helped with trade and free man took power from the mali helped a lot in this part of time


1473 BCE - 1456 BCE

She was the first girl pharaoh she promoted the trade in the place she has a stunning monument that was built into a cliff


1337 BCE - 1280 BCE

A big impact silver gold copper with the nile river and helps the economy 600 slave wemon


1235 BCE - 830 BCE

This very strange part of the history helped the culture languge and econamy and trade

Kush conquers egypt

850 BC - 751 BC

they attacked Egypt weak spot so they could conquer them

First history recording of kush

700 BC

over 200 years and recorded battles

Ghanas empire


started small but had armies to protect them from outside forces

Ghanas decline


It had collapsed which lead to them being conquered

Mali empire


Had grown from there water controlled trade and grew rich

Mansa Musa


Had one of the most famous rulers

Pilgramige to Mecca mansa musa


They went there for help and trade

Songhia empire


the place that made ghanna so rich

Fall of mali


it took a terrible blow and went down

Fall of songhia


fell by being conquered by morroco