Early Civilizations

Early kingdoms and religions and empires and states


Rosetta Stone

3000 BC

a stone slab inscribed in hieroglyphics

hieroglyphics Beginning

3000 BC

They are a language of Egypt written on Rosetta stone.

Old Kingdom

2575 BC - 2134 BC

when they built the pyramids and the pharaohs

Pharaoh Khufu

2551 BC - 2528 BC

Had amazing pyramids and made laws to make sure they were okay

Middle Kingdom

2040 BC - 1780 BC

2000 to 1800 B.C.E. years of chaos and disunity. Egyptians enjoyed many great achievements in literature, art, and architecture.

Pharaoh Senusret

1971 BC - 1926 BC

he had acomplishments related such as temples shrines and religion related things he and had a chapel made for the gods

New Kingdom

1600 BC - 1200 BC

power and stability its golden age egypt reached its height

Pharoah Hatshepsut

1473 bc - 1458 bc

First female Pharoah she accomplished so much and had one of the biggest trade expedition on the voyage to punt so she had Dayr al-Bahri made and she got to have it made you are greeted with 200 sphinx statues and a 2 huge towers

First Historical Records Of Kush

1070 BC

Kush and Egypt were neighbors they sent kushites to trade over there kush became a part of egypt

Kingdom Of Kush

1070 BC - 350 AD

The Kingdom of Kush or Kush was an ancient Nubian kingdom situated on the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile and River Atbara in what is now the Republic of Sudan

Kush Conquers Egypt

850 BC - 700 BC

200 years after they gained independence from Egypt again they get stronger then they take it over

Ghana Empire

300 CE - 1200 CE

They had introduced the camel they had taxes while they were in rule The Capital was Koumbi Saleh

Mali Empire

1230 - 1600

There trade was the best because they had three immersive gold mines so they were able to trade because they had a lot of money and gold they also had salt and copper

Mansa Musa's Rule

1312 - 1337

He added many important trade cities including Timbuktu

Mansa Musa pilgramige to Mecca

1324 CE - 1325 CE

He introduce Islam to his kingdom he spread it then they learned it

Fall of Mali

1431 - 1500

when mansa musa died his son Maghan took his throne he was a weak ruler when raiders came to his village he couldn't even stop them and they burnt houses down then they slowly just faded of

Songhai Empire

1506 - 1687

Fall Songhai


After this slowly the great empires of africa faded away and were no longer songhai was no match for Moroccans arrows and bows