Early Civilization



3200 BC

Egyptian's writing system

Old Kingdom

Approx. 2700 B.C.E - Approx. 2200 B.C.E

During the time the Pharaohs set up a strong central government.They also built tombs for themselves.

Middle Kingdom

2000 B.C.E - 1800 B.C.E

During this time period Egyptians enjoyed art,literature,and architecture.

Rosetta Stone

1799 BCE

a huge stone slab inscribed with hieroglyphics

New Kingdom

1600 B.C.E - 1100 B.C.E

During this time peace and stability.Ancient Egypt’s power reached its height. Pharaohs increased trade and had huge monuments built.

Mansa Musa's Pilgrimage to Mecca

1337 BC - 1280 BC

Mansa Musa, fourteenth century emperor of the Mali Empire, is the medieval African ruler most known to the world outside Africa.

Mansa Musa's Rule

1337 BC - 1312 BC

Mansa Musa ruled Mali for about 25 years,during that time,Mali added many important traae cicties to its empire,including Timbuktu

Kush Conquers Egypt

850 BC - 716 BC

Kush was a very powerful ruler and when he grew stronger Egypt grew weaker,Pharaoh left and Kushite king took advantage and attacked Egypt after he died his son,Piankhi,took over and finished attacking Egypt.

Kingdom of Kush

750 BC - 200 AD

First Historical Records of Kush

700 BC - 200 BC

After conquering of Kush he established a statue and it was a Pharaoh kneeling to one of the Gods


830 ce - 1235 ce

This was located in southern Mauritania,west Mali it existed before the old kingdom.

Ghana's Decline

1000 - 1200

In the mid-1000 Ghana was rich and powerful, but by the end of the 1200,the empire had collapsed.Three major factors contributed to its end.


1230 - 1600

Mali was found by Sundiata Keita he was known as their wealth ruler.He had lots of things,but mostly two were most important it was gold and salt.

Fall of Mali

1431 - 1500

In 1431 the Tuareg,nomads from the Sahara,seized Timbuktu.By 1500 nearly all of the lands the empire had once ruled were lost.Only a small area of Mali remained.


1468 - 1592

It was located in the western Africa.Songhai had trades they had very strong trades.They also had upper government their government were high,but some were still low.

Fall of Songhai

1590 - 1591

In 1590, al-Mansur took advantage of the recent civil strife in the empire and sent an army under the command of Judar Pasha to conquer the Songhai and to gain control of the Trans-Saharan trade routes