Christianity in the Middle Ages


Frankish Kings Converts


The Frankish King Clovis I converts to Christianity. Clovis was the first Frankish king to unite all of the Frankish tribes, effectively changing the former form of Government

Mission to the Anglo-Saxons


Pope Gregory the Great sends missionaries to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. The mission resulted in a larger spread than expected in that also converted parts of Britain and other regions.

Archbishop of Canterbury


The first Archbishop of Canterbury was a Benedictine monk known as Augustine, whom is referred to as the "Apostle to the English".

Ethelbert Converts

Approx. 600

King Ethelbert, a follower of Odin, converted even after he held his regards to Christianity. His conversion was brought upon due to his wife Bertha, whom he had a allowed to believe in Christianity

Arab Conquest


Arabs conquer what is now modern day Spain and establish Al - Andulus. Al - Andulus means Muslim Spain or Islam iberia

Charlemagne Crowned

Approx. 800

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne, a Frankish King as the King of Rome, he was the first king of Rome after hundreds of years.

Separation of Church


The Roman Catholic church and Eastern Orthodox church split after the ellection of a new Pope