Family History


WW2 Ended

September 2, 1945

Robert Green Sr. was born

October 31, 1945

Robert Green Sr. was my grandfather.

Joyce Banks was born

April 27 1947

My grandmother was born

The Vietnam War

1954 - 1975

Agent Orange Used

Jan. 9 1962 - 1971

Agent Orange was a herbicide that was used by the U.S. as a part of the warfare program, during the Vietnam War.

Robert enters the armed services


My grandfather took the test to enter into the armed services in 1964. His test scores were, and still are, among the highest to be listed. His scores ranked him to enter any of the armed services. That’s when he decided to join the airforce.

Robert Green marries Joyce Banks

November 4, 1964

My grandparents got married.

Robert Green was born

February 24, 1965

My father was born

Robert Green Sr. went to Vietnam

January 1967

My grandfather went to the Vietnam War, but not as a fighter. He went there to work as a civil engineer.

Joyce Banks is denied the right to get a divorce

September 1968

My grandmother was denied the right to get a divorce because she was pregnant, and declared "emotionally unstable".

Joyce divorces Robert

June 1969

My grandmother divorced my grandfather because when he came back from the war, he was very abusive, emotionally and physically.

Joyce Banks goes to North City Congress


In 1970, my grandmother went to North City Congress to go to a program to get into college.

Joyce Banks begins working for the School District of Philadelphia

September 1970 - June 2003

My grandmother started off as a teacher’s assistant. She started off earning $182 every two weeks. With every 30 credits that she got, she received an increase in pay and new working status. She worked in the school district of Philadelphia from September 1970, until June 2003.

House Select Committee Report


In 1971, a report by the House Select Committee on Crime revealed that from 1966 to 1969, the armed forces had used 225 million tablets of stimulants, mostly Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine), an amphetamine derivative that is nearly twice as strong as the Benzedrine used in the Second World War.

Robert Green Sr Dies

February 12, 2005

My grandfather succumbed to his six year battle with bladder cancer.