Neptune's Plague


Nathaniel Gray Inherits Neptune's Plague

January 1712

Monroe Douglas joins crew as animal handler

June 1712

Grayson Mason joins crew as Quartermaster

October 1712

Reginald Nelson joins crew as Carpenter/Surgeon double threat

November 1712

Neptune's Plague sets sail for Aberdeen, Scotland in search of more crew

January 1713

Neptune's Plague arrives in Aberdeen Scotland

February 1713

Malina Sterling joins crew as cook along with sister Agnes

July 1713

Neptune's Plague sets sail from Scotland to New York Harbour in search of plunder and goods

December 1713

Arrive in New York City Harbour

February 1714

Thomas Cumberland joins crew as Navigator

May 1714

Ship and crew set sail for the Caribbean

June 1714

Crew first notices a pesky weasel aboard ship, they name him sniper

July 1714

Weasel Toe incident

October 1714