Steve Jobs



Feb. 24, 1955

Born to biological parents Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble; later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs

Met Steve Wozniak

Approx. 1971

Founding of Apple

April 1976

Steve, along with friend Steve Wozniak and partner Ron Wayne, sign legal papers creating Apple as an official company

Created Pixar

Approx. 1986

Steve creates Pixar


May 1986

Demoted to role of Apple idea man and spokesman; Steve decides to leave the company

Rejoins Apple

December 1996

Steve is welcomed back to Apple

Promoted to Apple CEO

June 1997

Steve is named Apple's CEO

Cancer diagnosis

January 2011

Steve is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer


October 2011

Steve dies due to pancreatic cancer