Romani Gypsies:Event Timeline



1933 - 1945

The Holocaust pushed the Romani population to migrate to other countries. Many were targeted for extermination and/or sterilization to decrease the population.


1960 - 1969

Yugoslavia opens its borders and many Romanis migrate to Western Europe in search of jobs.

Slovakia Deportation


In Slovakia, Roma are to be cleared and dispersed to Czech areas with fewer Roma. Roma deported under this plan either return to where they came from or are followed by their extended families, creating new concentrations of Roma, creating new government problems.

European Hostility

1990 - 1999

Upheaval in Eastern Europe causes migrations to the West. Gypsies are further prejudiced, and in many European countries, they are no longer welcome.

Czechoslovakia Split


Czechoslovakia splits into two different countries:The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Gypsies living in the Czech republic had to apply for citizenship, because they were of Slovak descent.

England Reception of Asylum Seekers


The Roma asylum seekers arrive in England.There was still evidence of prejudice, as Roma children were commonly put into mental handicap schools.

French Deportation


The French president starts a systematic deportation of Romanis, expelling them, and dismantling their camps.