The History of Physical Education

Event 1

First Sports Lesson in School

Approx. 1774

First Lesson was in Germany

Effects 1

First School to have Curriculum of Physical Education

Approx. 1820

Schools Offered Physical Education to Females

Approx. 1820

Boston Mandates physical Education in Schools

Approx. 1853

California Requires Physical Education to Children in School

Approx. 1866

Event 2

Physical Education Sees National Recognition

Approx. 1889

Effects 2

First Physical Education Undergraduate Degree Offered

Approx. 1891

School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is Founded

Approx. 1946


Formation of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

Approx. 1952


First Presidential Physical Fitness Award Given

Approx. 1966

Special Olympics Is Created


Event 3

Johann Bernard Basedow Begins his PE Career

Approx. 1749

Effects 3

Friedrich Jahn Begins his Teaching Career

Approx. 1812

First Physical Training Program

Approx. 1861

Event 4

George Bancroft and Charles Beck Start Their Teaching Careers


Effects 4

First Competitive Football Game

Approx. 1827

Basketball is Created

Approx. 1891

Kickball is Created

Approx. 1917

Other Events

Harvard is the First University with a Gym

Approx. 1820

Formation of AAHPERD

Approx. 1885